PissedAsAFart.com is currently in take over talks with Jensen Associates, a well respected Internet company. The reason for this is that Ted has achieved no sales and we feel this is due to the lack of confidence in PissedAsAFat.com. Comments like Here's Another Sucker does not help sales. We have tried to explain this to him but so far, with no luck.

We are waiting for the right time to buy this company, (When Ted has no money and needs a drink.)

In the meantime if you do want an Email Account, Jensen Associates will manage this for you. Please fill in the following information and we will set up your Email account.

An Email account will cost just 20 plus Vat per year and we will not charge you until its up and running. If someone else wants to buy your email address you will receive 50% of the sale price.

Please click here for terms and condition and then fill in the form below.


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