Welcome to Fart of the month. This is where you can participate by sending in a photo and an interesting story of you or (if you have any) one of your friends.

Why not do this for someone's Birthday. What could be better than seeing yourself portrayed as a complete idiot on the top site in the World "PissedAsAFart.com" for every one on the Planet to see!

What people are saying

animated gif  " My life has never been the same since I was Fart of the month. People used to doubt my word but now I have shown them by being featured on this truly magnificent web site"
" I thought that I had done it all until I was Fart of the Month" animated gif
animated gif "Being dead does not stop you from being Fart of the Month. Thank you to everyone who voted for me"
"There is no question that this is the highlight of my career"

Email to FartofTheMonth@PissedAsAFart.com

NB none of the people above have ever really been Fart of the month and the quotes are not really from them. Please do not take legal action against PissedAsAFart.com because we are incapable of defending our selves.