The Pissed As A Fart Golf Society


I would just like to say how proud I am that I was asked by Ted to be President of the Pissed As A Fart Golfing Society. I am looking forward to playing in many of the events over in England and just hope that I can compete with some of the very talented gofers that are playing in this fine Society.

I am also very excited about my new sponsor deal with PissedAsAFart especially the up front cheque from Ted for $10,000,000



tiger is nit really the new president and we have not obtained permission from tiger to use this picture. Pleas don't sue


Venues that we are playing

August Gold Club


A tricky little 9 Hole course August Golf Club offers Pissed As A Fart members a great chance to test their skills. It has a great club horse although the beer is a bit week. You have to wear a green jacket in the club house for some reason!

Ted has negotiated green fees at $5 per person which includes bacon butties lunch and an evening meal.

If you are interested in joining our Society please email
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