Terms and Conditions


1. Your Email address is valid for one year from the date of it being activated.
2. You will be sent a  password if your selection from your application form has already been taken or if you have not selected one.

3.  The total amount of data space that you are allocated on PissedAsAFartsís server is 500K. To access your Emails you do so through the PissedAsAFartís web site and select FartMail. There is an upgrade facility if you wish to hold more data on our Pissed Server. For an extra £10 per year you can have up to 1mb of space

4.  If you wish to have large volumes of Emails then you can down load them to Microsoftís outlook. 

5.  To download to outlook you need to set up a new account. 

Incoming Mail (POP3): Mail.PissedAsAFart.com

Outgoing Mail (SMTP):Mail.PissedAsAFart.com 

You then need to enter you Account name and Password

Account name is your user ID

6.  Payment for your name will be made by standing order 

7.  Selling your Email address. If someone else wishes to make an offer for your Email address then proceeds will be shared equally between the owner and PissedAsAFart. After the sale you will have no further interest in the name 

8.  Due to the low cost of this product no support will be offered  (Although you might try Albert@PissedAsAFart.com and he occasionally does do something.

9.  PissedAsFartís liability is limited to the price of the Email address for one year.

10. No Spamming is allowed. Your account will be closed with no refund paid