Report of the Auditors

Audit Report

We have tried to carry out an audit on but unfortunately we found no books or records of any kind. When we asked Mick the Finance Director for an explanation all he could say was, "Bunch of Flowers"

We attempted to talk to Ted and finally tracked him down at the local pub. When Ted tried to answer our questions he threw up all over us and collapsed in a heap. We could not find Paul and we did not want to talk to Albert. The following audit report has therefore been prepared from estimates and observations made at PissedAsAFart's office, The Rose & Crown.

In our opinion  is not a going concern and we very much doubt that the cheque for our fees signed "Mickey Mouse"  will ever clear the bank. This company is a disgrace and we herby give notice of our resignation.

In our opinion this company is a joke


(We did not pay 1,000,000 for this logo)